About mára

Mára is a naive, average benumbed, but otherwise solid guy. He loves to draw pictures into newspapers, make comics for friends from the True Lovers, animate (classical hand drawn technique) and take amateur photos. He makes simple websites in WordPress sometimes. Currently based in Praha / Czech Republic / Erope.

He’s available for new projects. Write to marek.pokorny1@gmail.com if you want to collaborate. Please note that he’s involved in 1 bigger film project at least until spring 2019 – meaning he can only afford to do simpler jobs aside, like illustrations and short animations.

“mára” is a nick from his early childhood. You read it like “mahra” with a bit more emphasis on ringing the “R” in it.

Other parts of his internet identity can be found

on Tumblr, on Vimeo, on Flickr, on LinkedIn, Twitter and last.fm.